ATTN: PennTrader

We are currently transitioning our website to a new broker dealer, Paulson Investment as well as a new clearing firm, RBC Capital Markets.  We anticipate our new site will be back up by January 2016.  Updated information on the new site status will be posted here.

If you have electronic documents and you need a copy of your September statement, please email us at

IF YOU HAVE AN ACCOUNT through PENNTRADE your account is NOW being serviced by your clearing firm, NATIONAL FINANCIAL SERVICES.

You will contact National Financial Services (NFS) directly and any account documentation needs to be sent direct to them as follows:

1-800-801-9942  8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Eastern) M-F. For International calling, please click here for the appropriate phone number.

National Financial Services, LLC

100 Crosby Parkway

Mailzone:  KC1MO

Covington, KY  41015

NFS will mail you a letter outlining your account going forward. You will be able to sell your securities, liquidate or transfer to another firm.  You will receive statements direct from NFS.  NFS is providing the toll free number 1-800-801-9942 to call in any sale orders and you will contact them directly as of 10-6-15, have your “LT6” account number available. 



Hours:  7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (Pacific) M-F


YOU CAN MOVE YOUR ACCOUNT to PAULSON INVESTMENT who has hired our registered reps and is licensing our proprietary trading technology.  Many of you have been dealing with our brokers over the years.  They all have 20+ years experience trading mining securities.  You can trade your Canadian securities through Paulson Investment, through a broker account now and in the future through the online platform, when the transition to RBC Clearing is complete.

Transfer out fee from NFS is $40 for non-IRA accounts and $130 for IRA accounts.



Timothy Major                               John Worrell                                   Stan Covey

Paulson Investment                          Paulson Investment                          Paulson Investment     

1-800-535-5329                               1-800-535-5329                               1-800-535-5329

YOU CAN TRANSFER YOUR ACCOUNT using an ACAT transfer to another ONLINE PROVIDER.  Many of you already have another account so you can move your positions over, you would request this through the receiving firm and they process the request direct with NFS.  You will need your PennTrade Account # , your most recent PennTrade statement and the delivering firm name, National Financial Services (NFS). Transfer out fee from NFS is $40 for non-IRA accounts and $130 for IRA accounts. If you don't have another account you can open an account and have your positions transferred over.

Thank you for your patience with these changes, feel free to contact us with any questions,